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SAOTA is an architectural firm based in South Africa. It was established in 1987, but at the time, it was known as Stefan’s Antoni Architects. Stefan’s Antoni graduated from the University Of Cape Town in 1985. When he first opened his office, he had a small team working with him. 

Today, SAOTA is a formidable team that is led by Stefan’s Antoni (Founder), Philip Olmesdahl (Partner), Greg Truen (Partner), Phillippe Fouche (Director), and Mark Bullivant (Director). 

SAOTA, once a small firm serving the people of Cape Town, has grown immensely, with over 100 employees, including over 20 architects, 40 architectural staff, technologists, and designers. The company also has several IT and administrative support staff.  

SAOTA’s architectural designs have impressed hundreds of clients in more than 86 countries and 143 cities across six continents. 

How SAOTA Developed A Global Architecture Footprint.


SAOTA has become an international sensation in architecture, which is no mean feat for a company that first set shop in Africa. It has taken hard work, talent, and a unique vision to deliver diverse architectural projects to different markets worldwide. 

The team at SAOTA appreciates that each country or continent follows a different approach in design. However, they also know that the architecture philosophy is the same; function and form remain the core in architecture. 

The company is not just focused on the quality of the design but also on how their designs will improve their clients’ quality of life.

The team’s ambition to build and create prestigious projects against all odds has placed SAOTA on the world map. The most recent technologies have also helped the company communicate effectively with their clients to ensure the designs are practical and aesthetic.  

Sister Companies

To achieve excellence, SAOTA has formed synergies with its sister companies to provide a range of architecture-related services under one roof. 

ARRCC is one of SAOTA’s sister companies that handles interior architecture and decor.   

OKHA is a furniture and light fixture store. It also creates progressive and elegant floor art and artistic accessories.  

These companies have been critical in SAOTA’s success since the company looks at space through different design lenses. It is no longer a space but one that is potentially filled with elegant pieces. 

Popular SAOTA Projects 

OVD 919, Cape Town, South Africa

OVD 919 is a spectacular home with an expansive 360-degree view of the sea, Robben Island, Twelve Apostles, and Camp Bay. All these views were critical based on the position of the house, so the team at SAOTA opted for wide glass walls to provide amazing views from different angles. 

The open floor plan and layering of the house guaranteed the occupants an incredible view, and at the same time, providing privacy. The rooms give an illusion of uninterrupted flow. For example, the main stairs have a linear view of the customized coffee bar, which flows into the kitchen. The kitchen then spills into the Dining area, summer lounge, and winter lounge. 

The winter lounge has a lower ceiling, which frames the view to a central position, while the summer lounge has high ceilings with a landscape view of the surrounding area. The contrast between the concrete finish and the copper roof is one of the attractive features of this house.

This project won SAOTA the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award 2016.       

Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award OVD 919, South Africa 

Villa Lyla, Nassau Bahamas

Villa Lyla is a private family retreat project in Nassau Island, Bahamas. This property is still under construction. The project area is 1,248m2, and the entire site covers an area of 4,979m2. 

The design integrates intimate, enclosed courtyards with an amazing view of the sea. Given its location, the sense of tranquility is enhanced with locally sourced materials, such as timber and coral stone. 

Ibiza Hill Villa, Spain

Located in central Ibiza, the Ibiza Hill Villa is at the hilltop and has a commanding view of Ibiza Town in the south and the coast in the northwest. The wide, open spaces form expansive living areas characterised by locally sourced materials that blend with the environment. 

Le Pine, St. Tropez, France

Le Pine is one of SAOTA’s projects that is nestled in the endemic trees of Saint Tropez. It is a modern home characterized by sloped terraces, filtered light, and a flat roof. The wide, rectangular pillars, together with the wide windows, add character to this incredible project covering 501 m2.

Kloof 145, Cape Town, South Africa

Kloof 145  has an open-plan design, with a great view of the picturesque mountain and ocean views. The open terrace, surrounded by large windows, integrates with the bold landscape elements. The wood panels on the terrace, wooden floor, and different wall textures add character to the 1,590 m2 house.


Since its establishment, SAOTA has won several awards. They include;



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