Top 5 Architects Houses in Africa

Africa is a continent that might surprise you! It is full of contemporary luxury homes and huge villas, designed by local or international architects. From Maghreb to Black Africa, to South Africa, this is the TOP 10 most beautiful African homes.

Villa Z, Architect Mohamed Amine Siani – Casablanca, Morocco

We begin our journey in Morocco, with this luxury house that manages to blur our perception. Indeed, difficult to know where to give head between these curves to the walls, the ceiling, and geometric lines that runs through the floor or partitions. A clever mix unified in a white concrete that makes this house resolutely contemporary.

House Tsi, Nico Van Der Meulen architects, South Africa

12,000 km further south, at the other end of the continent, the architect Nico Van Der Meulen designed this villa by deploying many volumes to generate many spaces. Sunscreens protect from direct sunlight and create shade where it is needed.

Casa Querol, Alberto Morell Sixto- Nairobi, Kenya

The volume of this contemporary villa makes us think of a monolithic block of concrete. The ribs of the wooden planks used to banch the concrete have been preserved, thus giving movement to the facade. When we slip into this volume, we discover spaces whose walls covered with wood give a warm atmosphere.

Villa Amina, Architect Duangrit Bunnag – Cape Coast, Ghana

This villa was made of concrete made from palm fiber. Its design has been thought of in an ecological way, the swimming pool is biological and the insulation of the roof is done by the vegetation. It is divided into several volumes, which meet around a patio and a large pool. Once the windows are open, the limit between the inside and the outside does not exist anymore!

Dalton House, Alberto Morell Sixto – Kilifi, Kenya

The white color has the particularity of reflecting the light, which allows the materials not to retain the heat emitted. That’s why the architect Alberto Morell Sixto has used it extensively in this contemporary villa in Kenya. The spaces are also facing outwards, while being sheltered from the sun and enjoying natural ventilation.

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