Urko Sanchez, architecture well understood in Kenya

Urko 100% interesting life , passion for traveling, discover new cultures , follow dreams & same time be practical + functional in his professional & personal life.

Great samples of projects done with soul, heart and head

1.- Lamu House Hotel “dream come true”

Lamu House Hotel
Lamu, Kenya
Year: 2005
Client: Lamu World Ltd. Spain
Area: 1200 m2
Status: Completed

“I was inspired by Swahili architecture but also by 21st century Western influence, especially Spanish. Lamu House is meant to give clients a sense of living naturally in an old-world atmosphere. That ancient tradition of design and hospitality allows people to dream, to experience Lamu as it was meant to be“

2.- Swahili Gem Apartments

Mombasa, Kenya
Year: 2012-2017
Client: Swahili Gem Ltd. Kenya
Area: 4000 m2
Status: Completed
-AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture: Best Residential Project, 2013-Honorable Mention.
-AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture: Best Residential Building Project, 2017-First Prize.

Translating contemporary Swahili style to a groundbreaking high-rise structure where the apartments benefit from the experience of outdoor living, contact with nature and the integration of the surroundings into each private home.

Urko Sanchez Architects specializes in:

● Design

● Master Planning

● Construction Management and Quality Control

In addition, Urko Sanchez Architects are passionate about social improvement, contributing as often as possible to projects that target disadvantaged communities with needful and innovative interventions.

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