Top 14 architecture studios in Kenya

Kenyan architects are in the business of transforming human ideas of comfort, stylishness, and luxury into physical structures. These physical structures bear striking semblance to any original visual concept, regardless of concept’s loftiness. In the process of transforming the visual concepts into bona fide habitable settings, most Kenyan architecture studios go out of their way to take responsibility for all the rigors involved in the project, from the arrangement of paperwork to project management and sourcing for construction materials and fittings. Kenyan architects are known for coordinating these various phases and aspects of the development in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner.

In order to ensure that clients are well equipped with the right knowledge to make the best choices, Kenyan architecture studios offer coherent, informative consultation services.
The best part of it all is that is no shortfall of excellent architecture studios in Kenya. Most of the awe-inspiring architectural masterpieces dotted across the cityscape of Kenya can be credited to them. Hence, Kenyans have access to a rich pool of local architectural talents who can supply them with trendy building designs and drawings. The following is a rundown of the 15 most prolific architectural studios in Kenya.

Planning Systems Services

a trailblazing record that spans over 40 years, Planning Systems is another highly renown Kenyan based architecture studio. Its reputation is represented in the swathes of awe-inspiring structures it has erected throughout the years. It’s also renowned for its steep expertise in Swahili architecture.

Among its most reputable undertakings include Citibank, Investments & Mortgages Bank, George Williamson House, Kenya Commercial Bank Headquarters, Fedha Towers, Lonrho House, Rahimtulla Trust Tower, and a host of other well-known buildings.

Beglin Woods Architects

Established 25 years ago by Beglin Woods and Simon Woods, Beglin woods is a premium architecture studio renowned for its highly sustainable design.

The firm has undertaken numerous award-winning projects like the United Nations of Nairobi (UNON), Eaton place in Gigiri, as well as the Watermark Office Park. Some of its other landmark projects include Sankara Hotel, Westlands, the Hemingways, Watamu, and many others

Bowman Associates Architects (BAA)

BAA is another Kenya-based industry heavyweight that has delivered top-notch services for nearly two decades across East Africa. It offers highly informative consultancy and architectural services for office projects, hospitality projects, master-plans, shopping centers and a host of other real estate development niches.

Among the firm’s most outstanding projects include the Hub Karen, Mombasa Island Hotel, Montave Upper Hill Nairobi and lots more.

Aleem Manji

Aleem Manji is an architecture studio who undertake the full-scope services in architectural and interior designs.

Their main projects are residential appartments, houses as well as commercial projects. Some of their highlight projects are Landsdown Centre, Mirage Commercial Centre & The Elegance Oficces Building.

Waweru & Associates

Established in 1972 as the first fully indigenous architecture studio by J. G. Waweru, this firm has risen to a place among the cream of the crop in the industry. Thanks to its unrelenting supply of excellent architectural services in areas such as land use, house planning, interior design, and lots more.

Throughout the decades, they have remained steadfast to a production philosophy that upholds keen detail orientation, aesthetic embellishment, sustainable designs, and cost-efficiency. The company is run by the most talented hands who’re well-versed in all the aspects of a project, from licensing and paperwork to site preparation and home plan implementation. In addition, the company deploys state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, and partners with other development firms in areas of weakness in order to deliver top-notch services.
Some of its most prolific projects include the Library Block, Upper Kabete Campus, University of Nair, and a host of other prominent buildings.

Triad Architects & Planners

Formed in 1963 by the duo of Amyas Connel & Graham McCullough, Triad is one of the most long-standing architecture studios in Kenya. In the course of developing wads of outstanding projects, it’s acquired numerous accolades and earned pride of place among the best architectural studios in Kenya throughout the past few decades.Some of its most prominent buildings include .-

Avic Headquarters

 Britam Tower

UAP Tower, and several others.

SK Archplans –

A local Kenyan firm, SK Archplans is a powerhouse for town planning, civil engineering, and landscaping that has implemented several projects in Uganda, Botswana, Rwanda, and its base country. It has a rich pool of in-house talents that have a wide breadth of experience in the region’s construction industry.

Thanks to its renown culture of quality and excellence, the company has earned the coveted memberships of the Architectural Association of Kenya and the Association of East and Southern Africa Consultancy Organization (A.E.S.A.C.O.).

Among its most prominent works include the Galana office block, Kilimani – an 8-storey commercial building, Multichoice office, Lavington – a completely green structure, Karen Hospital – a multi-specialty institute, KREP office block – an 8-storey building accommodating the KREP bank, and many more.

Urko Sanchez Architects

Urko Sanchez Architects is an award­winning boutique architectural firm renowned for excellence in design with offices in Kenya and Spain, by the Spanish arquitect Urko Sánchez who was born in Madrid.

Their most important architecture projects are in the tourism area, like the K Hotel, Swahili Dreams, Manda Queen Hotel, Lamu House Hotel & Marakaru Hotel.


Architecture Kenya Media Ltd

Founded in 2012 by Martin Tairo, AKML is an architecture media that has risen to pole position in the industry due to its ingenious focus on modern designs and current trends. Its line of service covers several niches including residential, commercial, industrial, interiors, and hospitality.

The company renders its services to various types of clients, including real estate developers, individual residential owners, as well as local and international organizations.

As a leader in the industry, the company upholds industry-best standards when it comes to environmentally-friendly designs and project management. The company pulls together the individual contributions of highly creative and talented in-house staffers to implement projects. The staffers undertake a project with excellent professionalism, creativity, and timeliness.

The company’s range of service includes building designs, construction drawings, remodeling, green building, energy-efficient homes, floor plans, historic building conservation, home extensions, site preparation, structural Engineering and lots more. The company has executed projects around various parts of the country including Bahati, City Estate, Dandora, Eastleigh, Gatharaini, Kahawa, Karura Kanyungu, Nairobi, Nairobi West, Parklands, and Westlands.

Pharos Architects

Pharos Architects Kenya Ltd is an architectural studio leaded by Architects Andrew Gremley and Jasraj Sehmi. They provide architecture and engineering services for building projects in the East Africa region.

Some of they highlight projects are the French Embassy, Kril Hospital & Porsche Center.

DMJ Architects –

This is another long-standing architecture studio that has established an enviable reputation in the industry. Founded in 1965, the company has executed outstanding projects for an impressive array of local, international and multinational organizations, including the Kenyan government.

Some of its most prolific undertakings include the Mombasa Intercontinental Hotel, Nyali Beach, the Norfolk and Finch Hattons camp Tsavo, Aberdare Country Club, Indian Ocean Beach Club, and a host other outstanding commercials, retail and residential projects.

E.D.G. & Atelier Architects

E.D.G. & ATELIER Architects studio was established in Kenya in 1994, leaded by Edward D.G Mugo, Mutua Urbanos and Kaswii Omondi. They specializes in master planning, design and management of architectural and interior design projects.The company is located in Nairobi, Kenya with a branch in Mombasa, and a regional presence in the Eastern African countries.Some of their most important projects are:

  • Thika Greens Golf Club House – Hospitality
  • Best Western Premier Hotel – Hospitality
  • Tamarind Tree Suites – Hospitality
  • Mvuli Suites – Hospitality
  • Rama Office Block – Office
  • Flamingo Tower – Office & Retail
  • Westwood Plaza – Office

FHG Architecture

The architecture firm FHG Kenya has vast experience and completed projects in commercial buildings, offices projects, healthcare and residential projects, as well as education, recreation and institutional projects.

Some of their most important projects are: 

  • Aga-Khan Hospital Nairobi
  • Thika Hospital
  • Eagle Plains Housing Estate Commercial Centre

Otto Murutty + Partners Architects

Otto Mruttu + Partners is an architecture & design studio who always innovate in architecture, interiors, branded environments, planning + strategies, and urban design. They are specialized for their multiple succesful works in corporate, commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, healthcare, education and technology.

Some of their succesful projects are: 

  • CCK CONVENTION CENTER – Commercial/Convention Center
  • THE TORCH OF KNOWLEDGE TOWER – Education/Retail Center
  • OASIS MALL – Retail

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