Top 15 Architecture Studios in Ethiopia

The real estate and especially the hotel sector in Ethiopia, is growing year after year but choosing an architecture studio is not easy, especially in less saturated markets such as East African countries. For this reason, we have made a selection of the best 15 architecture and design studios in Ethiopia.
The following are some of the best architecture studios in Ethiopia;

1. ETG – Excellence, Tenacity and Grit. –

True to the name, the above characteristics define the twenty-two years of architectural service this consulting company has offered. As a design consulting firm, the focus is strictly on urban planning, supervision, infrastructural design, water supply and sanitation and most of all, environmental development with regards to building structures.
The signature feat of service rendered has been one of the companies defining Ethiopia’s skyline with amazing structures. Dire Dawa Stadium, Commercial Bank Headquarters, Regional Administration Multi-Disciplinary complex, as well as other big projects, are a few in the list of their unique projects.

2. HABTAMU GETACHEW (Addis Ababa Ethiopia) –

Habtamu Getachew is a firm based on construction architecture and engineering. Since inception, the firm has continued to maintain a consistent pattern at excellence with many successful projects as evidence. This firm works with a solid design strategy, innovative ideas and most importantly, design technology for execution. With hard work and satisfying results, the firm cements partnerships with customers.
Some of their top mixed-use projects include Selamawit Mamo Building, Bekkera Shopping mall and a host of others. With tactical infusion of technological advancements to each project, end product reflects great beauty. They follow designs for buildings, bridges, tunnels, stations, reservoirs and dam’s facility.

3. NET CONSULT (Addis Ababa) –

Net Consult is an engineering and architecture consulting agency in Ethiopia. The company is famed for execution of capacity building projects as well as civil work schemes across the country. The firm offers multi-disciplinary services in engineering design, construction supervision, tendering assistance and feasibility studies.
Their extensive services include urban infrastructure, building complexes, roads, railway projects, airfield schemes, and others; Abala-Shaigube road project, Arefa-river Bridge, etc. Also, they work tirelessly on adopting new techniques and cut down cost with creative means thereby aiding the economic growth of Ethiopia.


As a brand, Yohannes Abbay has only professional Architects, engineers and personnel in other discipline at her disposal. It is without gainsaying that many of them are experienced in diverse aspects of their respective disciplines. This particular brand pays attention to the very last detail and works with a creative mindset. In addition to urban dynamism and technological additions, Yohannes offer consultation services from a professional’s view.
They are the brain behind Oromia Sports Academy center, Public Servants Social security headquarters, Commercial bank of Ethiopia, Ministry of Justice –Kolfe and other notable projects.

5. ZIAS Architecture Engineering (Addis Ababa) –

ZIAS is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious architecture companies in Ethiopia. It is setting the pace across the country as it provides services to several states in America and other countries in Africa. In addition to admirable skillset, members of the architecture team are tenacious and committed to living up to their reputation.
Their good name are reflective on undergone projects including Al Amoudi Tower and KK Tower of Addis Ababa, The National Reference Laboratory in Maputo, Freedom Real Estate Luxury and many high profile projects across the Continent.

6. MGM CONSULT Addis Ababa –

MGM consult provides design and consultancy services to both public and private bodies. It is, in fact, one of the best in the country. Even though it started as a man-business in 1997, it has evolved as a result of diversification. As a result, professional services and staff capabilities have grown to an exceptional point thereby setting the pace for others.
MGM has completed building supervision, bridges, stadium, etc. in and out of Ethiopia.  Some of their projects are Medco Biomedical consultancy Plc, Comet Building, Daminarof Building, etc.

7. BET Architects Plc. Addis Ababa

BET is quite different from its other architectural counterparts because it is made up of two senior partners and a host of well-qualified staff members. They both lecture in the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture. However, all members of the team are dedicated to exploring the creative part of their discipline. Essentially, the purpose of the firm is solely to meet the needs of the client and the physical environment. Thus, the firm takes part in the design of residential edifices, resorts, hotels, hospitals, factories and other kinds of buildings.
Also, BET is associated with a vast amount of management undertakings. To attain a required level of excellence, the firm works with experienced sub-consultants. The product of their intensive research and extensive hard work is seen in the cost-efficient nature of their buildings.
Some of their notable projects include Ethiopian Airlines Headquarter, Ethio Telecom Headquarter, Civil Service University and numerous urban projects.


A product of aligned interests! These individuals came together for the sole purpose of creating a stronger team to achieve a common goal. The beauty of it all is their approach, a poetic and practical approach to architecture. In addition to the exceptional work of architecture done which is, by all means, the fundamental intention of the Jdaw Consult, there is also great support for architectural education, especially in higher institutions. They also provide other services including interior design, landscape design, structural design, supervision as well as tons of related activities.
Some of the projects present in the portfolio include Zemen Bank HQ, NIB Bank HQ, Marriot Hotel, National Theater, Four Points by Sheraton Addis, etc.


YTH has provided services in the educational, commercial and cooperate fields in addition to architecture and construction. The firm is known for delivering ground-breaking innovations and resolutions. Team members are known for alternating the usual with creative substitutes. Therefore, the end point of each project is a fusion of human need, value, creativity, art and some part of the environment. In order to improve the services rendered, the firm includes cost control, sustainability policies, intensive planning, and design.
Some of the latest projects here include Arbaminch University main gate, Amhara Construction, and housing development agency, ERCS and more.


Established in 2015, Etege design is an interior and architectural studio that offers professional services in the areas of interior, architectural and design. The idea is to bring back original culture through modern and innovative designs. They aim to promote the concept of “made in Ethiopia” by infusing Ethiopian culture to creative and modern affordable designs. With much effort and efficient strategy, their concept is receiving tons of positive reviews from both clients and the outside World.
Some of their projects include the Aware Sports center, Hadas hotels (Shera), Mekada eng trading, K and T hotel, Zebym soft drink factory landscape and a host of others.

11. BC ARCHITECTS: Addis Ababa –

This studio delivers full architectural services for building projects, ranging from small-scale renovations, medium sized projects to urban developments. Their architects benefit from the knowledge created through BC studies which are its lab for social, material and architectural innovation. The same lab is a breeding ground for extensive research on local materials and innovative building processes.
This award-winning architectural studio has had their work exhibited in New York, Milan, Berlin, Brussels, Oslo, and Shanghai. As a result of their outstanding results, many reviews have been published in The Architectural Review, Dezeen, Archdaily to mention a few.
In collaboration with ABBA architects and Adey Tadesse, BC architects won the competition for the Addis Abba Chamber of Commerce Headquarters in Ethiopia. This is one of their popular works. Others are Re-development of the Inter-Beton site in Brussel, Library for the community of Muyinga, The Bamiyan Cultural Centre in Bamiyan (Afghanistan), Urban Farm BoerenBruxsel, Paysans in Neerpede, Anderlecht (BE), Preschool of Aït Ahmed in Aït Ahmed, Morocco as well as others.


RAAS architecture is known for the design of embassy buildings, schools, hospitals and clinics, apartments as well as other major projects with computerized touch.
Some of their projects are: the Embassy of Ireland in Addis Ababa, Resort and hotels in Awassa which is in the Southern part of Ethiopia, Shola apartments, Ethiopian Peace Support Operations in Addis Ababa and also the offices for the New British Council library.


Studio net offers timeless and elegant interior architecture and luxury interior design to their clients. Their portfolio boasts of everything from historical buildings to cutting-edge developments.
Some of their recent projects include Hippo lounge, Abyssinian coffee, Zefmesh grand mall, NIB international bank, Pyramid resort and spa amongst many others. The whole studio thrives on strategic consultation and implementation of new technological ideas.


This firm has the goal to enrich human experience and spirit through its planning and architectural works. Apart from architectural services, they also provide engineering, interiors, industrial design, project management, urban design, design support services amongst others. With about 15 years of experience, their utmost desire has been to give utmost satisfaction to customers and the immediate environs at large.
Some notable projects undergone and completed include Nicisti guest house Mekelle, Cast Solar Cinema complex, MCLR Pre Arch, etc.

15. Vilalta Architects –

Vilalta Architects is a Spanish architecture studio based in Barcelona that operates worldwide, but with some very important projects made in Ethiopia.
Some of their best projects are:

  • United Bank building in Addis Abeba
  • Lideta Mercato, commercial center in Addis Abeba
  • Maternidad de Woldyia, hospitality complex in Woldyia


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